About Us

Pet-a-Lot was created by a group of people that has a special love for animals. Our team works together every day to ensure we only get the best products and services for your pets. We created Pet-a-Lot for your convenience. Do you want to spoil your fur babies but don’t know how? That’s why we’re here.

We offer a wide range of products for your comfortability. Our subscription boxes are designed to ensure you get everything you need for your pet. The themes of each month tie in with one another. Our month to month boxes will have the same items as the subscription boxes each month.

What’s Happening In 2018?

Our team has a love for animals, and we make sure to give back to the less fortunate. We support our local shelters, and make sure to attend their events to raise money. At Christmas time, we make sure to give all the animals a gift, and that’s why it’s important to sponsor some boxes. Just like your pets, they also enjoy gifts.

We make sure to spend time with each animal and give them love and attention. You can be sure to find us at sleepathons and charity walks. Follow our facebook page for all our events. https://www.facebook.com/petalot/

What can you expect in our boxes?

Each box consists of 10 Items (excluding the box)

In each box we offer the standard products:

  • An interesting article regarding the months theme
  • Two things to play with (Toys)
  • Three things to chew on (Healthy Treats – NO RAWHIDE)
  • 4 products that tie in with the month’s theme (We can’t specify these products seeing as they change each month)
  • Be sure to see some McMac, Daro,  products in our boxes.

    Some of the nutritional treats we make ourselves (coming soon to the website)

Our Team

Angie Nichas – Angie has had her own mobile grooming parlour (Woof and Meow) in Centurion for the past 13 years. She’s been exceptionally busy with shelters each year. She’s accomplished a lot in her career, and Pet-a-Lot is thankful to have her part of the team.

Guillaume Walters du Plooy – Guillaume is a Clinical Psychologist in Pretoria east. He’s been practicing for the past    years. He’s always had a love for animals, and the joy they bring to peoples’ lives.

Belinda Nissen – Founder of Pet-a-Lot. Belinda has been around animals her entire life. Saving and/or rescuing them. She has her own marketing firm but felt the need for more. She created Pet-a-Lot to fulfil not only people but animals as well. She’s working to her goal of opening her own horse riding school and rescue centre for mentally and physically disabled people.

Stephen Basson – Stephen is a huge animal lover, having 2 dogs, 2 cats and a parrot. He joined the team as web developer and online marketing guru.


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